Premium Ski and Golf Retail and Rental at Niseko Village

Drop your gear into store anytime for a fresh service ready for the mountain.

Waiting times may vary but will be ready for collection no later than 8am the following day.

We also accept early shipping of gear to be picked up upon arrival to the resort. Please get in touch to confirm delivery and payment.

Our Services

Performance Wax

A hot base wax for the latest mountain conditions which will keep gliding for over 1 week of use.

Quick Wax

Daily quick wax that can be done in a hurry, also serves as a booster wax to a hot waxed base

Performance Wax and Edge

Our performance wax with an edge clean up and side edge sharpen

Basic Tune

A performance wax and edge combined with a base grind for a complete refresh of your ski or snowboard


For any significant damage to your ski or snowboard, please consult our staff in-store. Fixes may take up to 48 hours.