Ski and Snowboard Rental – Frequently Asked Questions


Can I ski directly to your store? 

Yes! Our store is located at the base of the Niseko Village ski resort, which is part of Niseko United complex. Skiers and snowboarders can ride directly to us from anywhere on the mountain, providing that the lifts are operating.


To find us descend towards the base area of Niseko Village and follow the signposts to the Village Shopping and Dining area. From here you can ski all the way to our doorstep. For a Google Maps Pin, click here. 


Is there lots of car parking available?

There are plenty of car parks available nearby our store!  


For the picking up and dropping off of rental gear, you can park directly by our store on a short term basis. To get here simply follow the Google Maps directions to Village Sports Japan.


To park for a longer period of time, use the main Hilton Niseko/Niseko Village car park, to get here enter Niseko Hilton as your destination on Google Maps and follow the signs to the main carpark. 


Do you provide service in both Japanese and English? 

Yes! Not every person who works for us is bilingual, however between us we endeavour to bring the highest quality service to both Japanese and international visitors.


What is the latest time I can come in to collect my rental equipment?  

Our store hours are 8am-8pm,  seven days a week throughout the ski season.

For evening customers looking to be fitted up with rental gear we ask that you aim to be here by 7.30pm at the latest to get set up. For Boot Solutions customers looking to get for a custom boot fit or similar service, we prefer that you arrive by 7pm at the latest to begin the process. 


What time can I collect my rental equipment? Do you do early pickups?

You can pick your rental gear up the evening before your rental begins, enabling you to head straight to the snow the following morning. Simply come and see us any time after 3pm the day before, and we will get you set up at no extra charge.


What time do I have to return my rental equipment?

The gear may be returned the day after the rental finishes providing that it is returned before 10am. Any skis returned after 10am will incur a rental fee for that day, this is non-negotiable. If you think that you may have issues returning the gear on time the following morning, we suggest you return it on the day that you finish skiing. 


Can I leave my gear at the Hotel at the end of the trip?

No you can’t, please return your gear directly to us! Although there are some companies that allow their gear to be left at the hotel we ask that you always return your gear to us directly, as we cannot be liable for gear that does not find its way back to us. 


Do you provide ski and snowboard rental, or just ski?

Yes, we have snowboards too! We have Niseko Village’s best range of premium snow equipment, with top rated service.


What types of equipment to you rent specifically?

Our rental fleet covers skis, boots, poles, snowboards, bindings (included) and helmets. 


We do not usually rent backcountry equipment or ski touring gear. We also do not rent gloves, jackets, pants or goggles, though we do have an extensive range of these products available for purchase in-store.

What does the premium ski and premium snowboard package consist of? 

The premium ski package consists of skis, boots and poles, while the premium snowboard package consists of a snowboard, boots and bindings. Customers who wish to rent a helmet (recommended) will have to add this on as an extra. 


Will the rental skis and boards available to rent be suitable powder snow conditions?

Yes! Our comprehensive performance range includes fat skis and powder boards that are specifically designed for deep powder conditions, so you can rest assured that you’ll have every possible advantage when you head out to tackle the snow. And when the conditions change and you no longer need a specialist powder ski, head into the store to swap for something more versatile such as an all-mountain, carving or park ski/board.


Is it recommended to swap between different skis as the conditions change?

If your situation allows it we do recommend swapping between skis to take advantage of the changing conditions, as this allows you to have the best suited ski for each day of skiing. It is however a luxury, and not 100% necessary.


What happens if I cannot visit the store to swap skis?

We understand that sometimes it is impractical to visit the store if you are staying and skiing in another location. Rest assured we carry a large range of all mountain skis and snowboards, which are designed to cover all conditions including Niseko powder. These skis and boards do not excel quite as well or look as cool as the dedicated powder equipment, however they are great all round tools at the end of the day and are a great answer to those who wish to make their rental experience as quick and easy as possible.


What is the difference between the different types of skis?

All of our skis are versatile and user friendly, though each category has broad attributes that suit different snow conditions, abilities and preferences. There is a lot to it and it can seem overwhelming at times, though the good news is that our staff are very passionate and knowledgeable about the gear, and will be instore throughout your trip to guide you through the process.


Do you have powder boards?

Yes! It’s pretty much the same story as with the skis, we carry a wide range of performance snowboards to match every discipline, and the ability to swap between boards as desired.


Do you ever host demo days on the mountain?

Yes, throughout the season we endeavour to work with our top ski brands to bring demo days to Niseko Village. We announce these dates on Facebook, so follow us there or ask us for more details.


Is damage insurance included in the cost of the rental?

Yes, the rental cost includes insurance against accidental damage caused to equipment during normal use. In these instances we charge no excess fees or additional costs, we understand that these things sometimes do happen.


For non-normal incidents causing serious damage to rental equipment, an excess fee or additional cost will be charged to the customer, up to the value of the equipment that was damaged. This cost will be calculated on a case by case basis. Non-normal damage relates to accidents that are outside of the normal, for example falling off a chairlift, or crashing into a tree at high speed.


Do we have to wear a helmet when skiing at Niseko United?

Wearing a helmet is not compulsory at Niseko ski resorts, however it is highly recommended for skiers and snowboarders of all abilities.  

Is the cost of a helmet rental included in the price?

No it is not, helmets can be added on from ¥1000 per day. Don’t forget to add these on when making a pre-booking to take advantage of the large discounts available.


Can I exchange my gear at another store, or drop it off at another store at the end of my trip?

Village Sports only have one location, so all rental equipment interactions must happen at our Village Sports store.


Is the ski equipment tuned? Do I have to pay for ski waxing?

Yes, we maintain our rental equipment to a high standard to ensure you get the most out of your time on the mountain. After a few days in the mountains or after temperatures change you may find your equipment needs a hot wax, come on in and see us and we’ll apply this to your premium rental at no extra charge.


What is your workshop turnaround?

All workshop jobs are completed overnight (excluding major repairs), ready for collection the following morning at 8am.


Do you need specific wax for Niseko’s powder conditions?

When the snow is at it’s best in Niseko the conditions are usually very cold and the snow is very dry, so this is when we apply a cold temperature wax that excels in deep powder snow.

Our ski technicians strive to ensure our premium equipment is set up with the optimum temperature wax, however if temperatures have made a drastic change and your skis seem to be slow, come on in and see us and we will apply a hot wax free of charge.