Tax-Free Information

Village Sports is registered to offer tax-free shopping for foreign visitors.  This means that the 10% consumption tax that is included in the purchase price can be refunded at the time of payment. To be eligible to receive this refund, you must:

  • be a foreign visitor in Japan for less than 6 months.

  • not be working in Japan.

  • bring your passport (not a copy) to our store and present it at the time of payment. 

Please note:

  • The name on the credit card used to purchase items must match the name on the passport.

  • The document you receive from us in your passport will be collected by a customs officer at your departure from Japan.

  • You must take your purchased items outside of Japan.

  • It is your responsibility to present your passport at the time of purchase and to request a tax free payment. 

  • Tax free purchases are only available on items over ¥5000.

For more information and for full terms and conditions please ここをクリック