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Hand picked selection of some of the best boards on the market for carving, park and smashing pow.

Featured Products

Burton Deepthinker

Danny Davis’s directional partner, Men’s Deep Thinker, is a board that runs around the entire mountain, from parks to pipes and side hits. The directional camber increases buoyancy and response, and improves all-mountain performance by setting a few tapers in a unique shape. In addition, the carbon highlight 45 ° provides excellent repulsive force, allowing full rotation even in freestyle. Of course, pay attention to graphics that use Keith Haring’s art.

Burton Freethinker

Danny Davis’s true twin partner, Men’s Free Thinker, is a board that runs around the entire mountain, from parks to pipes and side hits. The unique twin shape will open up creative riding possibilities, both regular and switch. A camber that provides a quick and pop board feel, with carbon highlights of 45 ° providing excellent resilience. Of course, pay attention to graphics that use Keith Haring’s art.

Burton Feelgood Flying V

The performance is endorsed by Burton riders. Women’s Feelgood has been at the forefront of women’s snowboarding for nearly 20 years. Each person feels that 20 years is long or short, but adopts a new and unique shape. Powerful pop feels alive and enables Ferrari-like steering (board control). The directional shape demonstrates high operability in various conditions, and it can be called a board that supports all terrain in a true sense. Two versions of Flying V ™ with a high degree of freedom like a camber and rocker with excellent stability, it is recommended for professional riders who want to enjoy a session with their friends.

Capita Defenders of Awesome

The Defenders of Awesome series has a big reputation and these boards back it up. As winners of the most coveted design award in snowboarding for an unprecedented seven years in a row, this highly sought-after series has won a Transworld Good Wood every single year of its existence. That’s an undefeated record, folks! The DOA features a next-generation hybrid-camber design which delivers the pop and response of a cambered board with the predictability of reverse-camber. 

Capita Kazu Kokubo Pro

This is the switchblade of powder boards and it will slash the backcountry like no other. While many great powder boards are large and surfy, the Kazu Kokubo Pro comes in a compact chassis with a powder nose and a slightly tapered tail, making this back-to-back Transworld Good Wood Award-winning series quick and maneuverable. It unleashes maximum power through the FSC® Certified Panda Core™ with Bamboo Power Rods™ and is loaded with high-end construction components like a Core Ash Woodgrain topsheet, a new HyperDrive™ high-speed sintered base, and Amplitex™ V-Tech Amplifiers. 

Capita Birds of a Feather

One of the most popular women’s snowboards in the industry, the do-anything, go-anywhere Birds of a Feather is here to change your riding forever. This hybrid-camber, all-terrain destroyer has inspired countless knock-offs chasing its success. Such emulation comes with the territory given that the Birds of a Feather has won every major design award in the industry. With eight sizes to choose from, the Birds of a Feather is suitable for a wide range of riders and is ready to take your snowboarding to new heights.

Salomon First Call

Wolfgang Nyvelt shaped each board size to deliver specific benefits for freestyle riding, tight creative turns, park, or on big jumps. A Tapered Twin with Rock Out Camber for pop and float in any condition.
Powder focused shape providing 10-12mm of taper keeping you on top of fresh snow. 
The tapered twin shape is comfortable in both freeride and freestyle terrain. 

Salomon Pillow Talk

Shaped by Wolfgang Nyvelt and built with Rock Out Camber. This tapered twin is tailored specifically for women featuring a wider design for maneuverability and floatation in deep snow, with superior edge control and maneuverability on groomers.
Popster’s shaped core profile thins out under foot and thickens outside your bindings before tapering again at tip and tail to maximize the natural snap and pop of wood.